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The Fieldcraft Course

The Fieldcraft Course – Description

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Last updated 11NOV2022

What is Fieldcraft? – It is the skills and knowledge necessary to beat man’s oldest adversary, nature, as well as techniques to defend themselves from other hostile men. Fieldcraft techniques have been being developed and perfected since man first ventured out to scout and hunt for game. Since at least the 1600’s, it has been perfected through warfare, becoming the combination of field skills essential to small unit maneuver warfare. From the first European skirmishers and light infantry during the 1600’s, to the American revolutionaries, mountain men and longhunters scouting the frontier, to Confederate guerillas, to the desert rats of World War Two, and to the modern day Infantryman, sniper, and scout, good fieldcraft has always been a necessary skill to ensure their survival in austere environments, amongst their enemies, and with little to no support.

For the prepared citizen, when the rule of law has failed, fieldcraft skills are necessary to expand or protect a perimeter, or to ensure safe passage through a hostile area. Without this critical capability, a prepared man looking to defend his home or protect his family and property is very restricted in how he can defend them. Without the capability to extend his perimeter and detect threats early, this man is a sitting duck waiting to get flanked by those who can operate in the field. Likewise, without the ability to move through a hostile area safely and efficiently, he will become another victim to those preying on refugees.

What is the Fieldcraft Course? – A completely off-grid course that takes place over 4 days in the Badlands of Montana. Students will learn practical skills to ensure their survival against nature, and then be taught skills that will help them successfully fight in small teams against hostile men.

Although I am an Infantry Marine, my teaching style is one that emphasizes a comfortable learning environment with no “drill instructor” mentality or silly games. My goal is to give my students the biggest “bang for the buck” I can, delivering as much knowledge in our time together as I can.

Students will be challenged with long days (16-hour training days are the norm, as well as covering 2-3 miles a day on foot conducting land navigation and other training) as we cover as much material as we can. If they apply themselves and work hard, students should expect to leave with confidence in the following subjects:

  • Shelter construction
  • Fire making
  • Water Disinfection
  • Rifle marksmanship
  • Concealment
  • Observation
  • Basic small unit tactics

Price is $450 per person; cash, money order or barter. Payment is due in full 2 weeks prior to class unless other arrangements are made. Cancel within two weeks of class for a full refund.

Class location is in southeastern Montana. The nearest “large” airports are Rapid City, SD, Billings, MT, and Bismarck, ND. The road into the training area is primitive and a 4×4 is advised. If you’re renting a vehicle, or other wise don’t have access to a 4×4, transportation into the site will be provided.

A few reviews from some of my students are available here:

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