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The Protoskills Class – September 29 – October 2

I’m happy to announce I’ll be adding a new class this year, the Protoskills class. Fieldcraft as a skill set encompasses a combination of skills ranging from tactical to survival, and being properly prepared means knowing which ones are needed, as well as how and when to employ them. The Fieldcraft Course is meant toContinue reading “The Protoskills Class – September 29 – October 2”

Class Announcement- Weaponize the Senses May 20-21, Livingston, MT

I’m advertising this for a friend who took the initiative to organize this class. It will be in Livingston, MT on May 20 and 21. Like I said I’m just advertising for it, please handle all signups and other business with Greenside Training themselves.

Class Gear List

Last updated 3-6-23 This gear list is for both the Fieldcraft Course and the Bush Tactics classes I offer. This list is extensive for a reason. After we are finished at class you will be fully equipped with the tools necessary to operate effectively off grid as well as continue practicing the skills you learnContinue reading “Class Gear List”

The Fieldcraft Course

The Fieldcraft Course – Description Class Calendar here Class Gear List has moved here Last updated 11NOV2022 What is Fieldcraft? – It is the skills and knowledge necessary to beat man’s oldest adversary, nature, as well as techniques to defend themselves from other hostile men. Fieldcraft techniques have been being developed and perfected since manContinue reading “The Fieldcraft Course”

The Bush Tactics Course

Updated 15NOV2022 Prototactics Proto – a combining form meaning “first,” “foremost,” “earliest form of,” used in the formation of compound words. Tactics – A procedure or set of maneuvers engaged in to achieve an end, an aim, or a goal. Throughout history small bands of men have had to work together against nature and threatsContinue reading “The Bush Tactics Course”

Junk on the Bunk: An example of how to pack for the Fieldcraft Course

I wanted to take the time to detail an efficient example of how a student could pack for the classes I teach. This is by no means a requirement, pack anyway you want, I’m just looking to give advice to those who are looking for it. I wanted to do this for those of youContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: An example of how to pack for the Fieldcraft Course”