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Just out of curiosity…

I recently had my LJK backpack modified into a more suitable Patrol pack. I’m calling it my “Badlands Patrol Pack”. I think it’s a very practical patrol pack for my 3A gear setup. The LJK does this by itself, but it’s pretty much packed to the gills since I store my bulky water bottles andContinue reading “Just out of curiosity…”

Five minute project: DIY Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes are small glow in the dark strips usually placed on the back of a helmet, patrol cap or pack to help patrol members see each other when patrolling in pitch black conditions without the aid of night vision. If you’ve ever tried to follow someone in the dark with no lights you knowContinue reading “Five minute project: DIY Cat Eyes”

5 minute project: Setting up a Quick Adjust Sling on a Bolt Gun

I wrote last year about the Defensive Hunter concept. In that article I was using a Ruger American Ranch chambered in 6.5 Grendel. In that article I was using the Magpul RLS sling, and while it is a good inexpensive sling, it also lacks any way to adjust it’s length easily in the field. ThisContinue reading “5 minute project: Setting up a Quick Adjust Sling on a Bolt Gun”

5 minute project: Hill People Gear to Becker Patrol Pack Mk. II suspension swap

I recently did an article on my initial impressions of the Bongo Gear Becker Mk. II. I like the pack a lot, and as it comes from Bongo Gear it’s a really good pack. I’ve also got a couple Hill People Gear packs, and they have the best suspension I’ve ever used on any pack,Continue reading “5 minute project: Hill People Gear to Becker Patrol Pack Mk. II suspension swap”

5 minute project: Waterproof your clothing

Today I got out my Gorka’s to waterproof them. I’ve got a Fieldcraft Course coming up this week and it’s going to be a wet one so I thought they could use it. I love the Gorka’s, they are very wind proof and also very quiet, but they aren’t very water repellent that I’ve seen.Continue reading “5 minute project: Waterproof your clothing”

5 minute project: Prep a smoke grenade for use

Not too long ago Mike from Von Steuben Training and Consulting put a good write up on American Partisan about the tactical employment of smoke grenades and I’d encourage you to check it out. This was a subject I had on my to-do list as well so I got my butt in gear and gotContinue reading “5 minute project: Prep a smoke grenade for use”

5 minute project: Camouflaging a rifle, part 1

Being able to camouflage yourself and your equipment is a basic fieldcraft skill. We cover this as well as the skills to detect camouflaged people and equipment in The Fieldcraft Course. One piece of gear that absolutely needs to be camouflaged is your rifle. Attempting to blend in with a 2 foot long black stickContinue reading “5 minute project: Camouflaging a rifle, part 1”

Adding a bow drill socket to my belt knife handle

I consider the belt knife to be one of the most important tools you can carry in the bush, if not the most important. With it you can create items for every other need you may have. One of these needs is fire, and some knives are more capable than others, that’s why I carryContinue reading “Adding a bow drill socket to my belt knife handle”

5 minute project: Add a thermal barrier to your tarp

Tarps are great pieces of shelter kit, typically being lighter and more versatile than a tent. We cover a few easy and useful methods in The Fieldcraft Course and students get very creative at coming up with ways to make them work for them. As versatile as they are, I never quit trying to comeContinue reading “5 minute project: Add a thermal barrier to your tarp”

5 minute project: Foldable 3/4 ground pad

Recently on the Brushbeater Forum we were discussing our favorite ground pads. I’m always curious about how other people “skin the cat” and there was some good discussion happening. A gentleman who goes by “13-1A” shared a homemade pad of his own design. It’s foldable so it fits in his pack and it reminded meContinue reading “5 minute project: Foldable 3/4 ground pad”