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Junk on the Bunk: Line 3A Gear and how I pack it

This is a combination of two other articles I have previously written, I combined them to add additional thoughts and for clarity. About three years ago one of my first articles was about what I liked to carry in my buttpack on my suspenders and belt mounted load bearing equipment (referred to as LBE fromContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Line 3A Gear and how I pack it”

Junk on the Bunk: Line 2 Gear

This is a long overdue update on my line 2 gear. I’ve done a lot of changing and learning since I wrote my last article on the subject. I utilize the line concept to help organize my gear, and for those new to the subject I’ll give a brief overview: This system provides me withContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Line 2 Gear”

Junk On The Bunk: Land Navigation Kit

This is an update to an older article from January 2021 – BR I wanted to share my go-to navigation equipment for navigation in the bush. Just like other skills, this one has different pieces of equipment that are better suited to some uses than others. For those interested in learning to use this stuffContinue reading “Junk On The Bunk: Land Navigation Kit”

Junk on the Bunk: Line 1 Gear

Recently I wrote an article detailing my methodology for packing, be sure and check that out for a good high level overview. In this article I’ll get more detailed on the line 1 gear. Our line 1 gear is the emergency equipment we carry on us in case we become separated from our other gear.Continue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Line 1 Gear”

Cold Weather Skills: Clothing layers for Cold Weather

It’s wintertime again and that means warm clothing becomes a priority anytime I’m outside. While many clothes are warm, not all clothes are appropriate for use when we are in the bush. By virtue of the fact that I’ve lived and worked in cold weather for most of my life I’ve had the chance toContinue reading “Cold Weather Skills: Clothing layers for Cold Weather”

Junk on the Bunk: Defensive Hunter Gear

I’d like to do a layout for the equipment I used deer hunting this year. I’ve been working on a concept I’ve come to think of as the “defensive hunter”, and I wanted to use equipment that I felt was appropriate to the concept. While I plan on writing a more thorough article to detailContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Defensive Hunter Gear”

Junk on the Bunk: An example of how to pack for the Fieldcraft Course

I wanted to take the time to detail an efficient example of how a student could pack for the classes I teach. This is by no means a requirement, pack anyway you want, I’m just looking to give advice to those who are looking for it. I wanted to do this for those of youContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: An example of how to pack for the Fieldcraft Course”

Initial Review of the Bongo Gear Becker Patrol Pack Mk. II

I wanted to put this up for those who are interested in what exactly I was carrying on my day hike the other day and to provide further details on the Bongo Gear Becker Patrol Pack MK II. While I am an admitted pack addict, I also am always looking for products and methods thatContinue reading “Initial Review of the Bongo Gear Becker Patrol Pack Mk. II”

Junk on the Bunk: Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK) and Hygiene Kit

I’m going through my gear and making sure it’s ready to go for the upcoming Fieldcraft course next month and thought I would share what I carry to cover basic hygiene and health in the field. I carry my Hygiene gear and my Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK) in a Cumberland Concepts zipper pouch. IContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK) and Hygiene Kit”

Junk On The Bunk: Improving a Russian Spade

There’s a somewhat overlooked piece of gear that I think is important out in the bush, and that is a small shovel or entrenching tool. I can see why they aren’t as popular as Swedish hatchets or custom knives in the current “bush craft” community; those are fun to use and nice to look at.Continue reading “Junk On The Bunk: Improving a Russian Spade”