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Dear Badlands Rifleman: Bolt gun vs. M1A considerations

The following was an email I received from a student, and as I was trying to answer it I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to convey so I figured it would be a good article. Hi, I’m wondering if you would allow a bolt action rifle for the fieldcraft course. I have aContinue reading “Dear Badlands Rifleman: Bolt gun vs. M1A considerations”

Dear Badlands Rifleman: How would you apply the “Line gear” concept to deer hunting?

I received the following email the other day and I thought it would make an interesting post. When it comes to equipment, and just about everything else, I like systems more than just a pile of stuff. Call me picky, but I want my equipment to work together as best as possible to help meContinue reading “Dear Badlands Rifleman: How would you apply the “Line gear” concept to deer hunting?”

Dear Badlands Rifleman: What Radios?

I recently received an email from a reader asking what license-free radios work over short distances in the mountains? When it comes to license-free communications, you’re pretty limited in selection and capability. The most common are CB and FRS, although there are a couple others like MURS (limited to 2 watts and 5 channels ofContinue reading “Dear Badlands Rifleman: What Radios?”

Dear Badlands Rifleman: Night Vision help?

I recently received a question from a reader pertaining to night vision and I will do my best to respond, although I’m not an engineer and don’t consider myself a guru when it comes to night vision. So, I know next to nothing about NV other than it’s expensive. I’ve read about it some onContinue reading “Dear Badlands Rifleman: Night Vision help?”

Dear Badlands Rifleman: Developing land navigation skill

The following is a letter from one of the many awesome people I met at the recent Wyoming Scout Course. The quality and dedication of the people coming out to train never ceases to amaze me and it’s always a pleasure meeting them. My response is below his letter. Hi, This is_______ from the WyomingContinue reading “Dear Badlands Rifleman: Developing land navigation skill”