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Opinion: Thoughts on Initiation and the Void, and their roles in Training and Masculinity

I’ve spent my life living, working, and growing with other men. I’m the oldest of five boys and was raised by a career Paratrooper. Push-ups, rope climbs and sit ups were how we were punished, and boxing was how us boys grew up settling our differences. (Sometimes with gloves, sometimes without…) Later I went intoContinue reading “Opinion: Thoughts on Initiation and the Void, and their roles in Training and Masculinity”

Junk on the Bunk: Line 3A Gear and how I pack it

This is a combination of two other articles I have previously written, I combined them to add additional thoughts and for clarity. About three years ago one of my first articles was about what I liked to carry in my buttpack on my suspenders and belt mounted load bearing equipment (referred to as LBE fromContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Line 3A Gear and how I pack it”

“The Patrol” – by danmorgan76

The following chapters are the short story “The Patrol” by an old school Green Beret blogger that went by danmorgan76. Sadly he didn’t get to finish it before passing. I had the opportunity to correspond with him a couple times and from what I’ve been told by people who knew him personally is that heContinue reading ““The Patrol” – by danmorgan76”

The Protoskills Class – September 29 – October 2

I’m happy to announce I’ll be adding a new class this year, the Protoskills class. Fieldcraft as a skill set encompasses a combination of skills ranging from tactical to survival, and being properly prepared means knowing which ones are needed, as well as how and when to employ them. The Fieldcraft Course is meant toContinue reading “The Protoskills Class – September 29 – October 2”

Five minute project: DIY Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes are small glow in the dark strips usually placed on the back of a helmet, patrol cap or pack to help patrol members see each other when patrolling in pitch black conditions without the aid of night vision. If you’ve ever tried to follow someone in the dark with no lights you knowContinue reading “Five minute project: DIY Cat Eyes”

Class Announcement- Weaponize the Senses May 20-21, Livingston, MT

I’m advertising this for a friend who took the initiative to organize this class. It will be in Livingston, MT on May 20 and 21. Like I said I’m just advertising for it, please handle all signups and other business with Greenside Training themselves.