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Reader Individual Training AAR – Winter Camp 2023 by JohnnyTyler

This AAR comes to me from a friend who recently did a winter trip to test gear, and himself, in cold weather. Extreme weather always “ups the ante” when you’re in the bush and I applaud anyone who gets out to train in it. My friend is an established back country hunter with many trophyContinue reading “Reader Individual Training AAR – Winter Camp 2023 by JohnnyTyler”

Cold Weather Skills: Mountain Snowshoe Adventure AAR

I was recently invited to take part in an annual adventure that a friend and mentor conducts every winter and I was excited to be able to take part. The plan was to take a few days to snow shoe into the mountains in western Montana to an off grid cabin, practicing winter survival skillsContinue reading “Cold Weather Skills: Mountain Snowshoe Adventure AAR”

Cold Weather Skills – Hot Tent Trip #1 AAR

Winter is a fact of life in my region and it takes special skills and equipment to work in it. It’s been a goal of mine for a long time to be able to operate as effectively in the winter as I can in the warmer parts of the year. I decided to invest inContinue reading “Cold Weather Skills – Hot Tent Trip #1 AAR”

Cold Weather Skills: Clothing layers for Cold Weather

It’s wintertime again and that means warm clothing becomes a priority anytime I’m outside. While many clothes are warm, not all clothes are appropriate for use when we are in the bush. By virtue of the fact that I’ve lived and worked in cold weather for most of my life I’ve had the chance toContinue reading “Cold Weather Skills: Clothing layers for Cold Weather”