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Junk On The Bunk: Land Navigation Kit

This is an update to an older article from January 2021 – BR I wanted to share my go-to navigation equipment for navigation in the bush. Just like other skills, this one has different pieces of equipment that are better suited to some uses than others. For those interested in learning to use this stuffContinue reading “Junk On The Bunk: Land Navigation Kit”

Dear Badlands Rifleman: Developing land navigation skill

The following is a letter from one of the many awesome people I met at the recent Wyoming Scout Course. The quality and dedication of the people coming out to train never ceases to amaze me and it’s always a pleasure meeting them. My response is below his letter. Hi, This is_______ from the WyomingContinue reading “Dear Badlands Rifleman: Developing land navigation skill”

5 minute project: Simple improvements to the Suunto MC2

Mention the word compass around me and I’ll most likely utter Suunto MC2. It’s almost involuntary. Not that there aren’t other good compasses, it’s just the one I’ve seen used extensively to teach non-land navigators how to navigate, and the one I’ve used the most as well. In fact, I just taught 11 students inContinue reading “5 minute project: Simple improvements to the Suunto MC2”

Land Navigation Skills and Techniques, Part 2

In part 1 I went over the major and minor terrain features and how to identify them in person and on a topographical map. This is an important skill to have for land navigation and I’d really suggest studying it. In this article I’d like to build upon that and detail some useful techniques youContinue reading “Land Navigation Skills and Techniques, Part 2”

Land Navigation Skills and Techniques, Part 1

Land navigation is a combination of technical ability and skills derived from practice. You have to know how to best use the tools you have available to navigate. I think the sheer luxury of GPS with it’s constant “you are here” beacon letting you know with relative accuracy where you are at any given timeContinue reading “Land Navigation Skills and Techniques, Part 1”

Junk On The Bunk: 5 minute project – Dummy cord essential equipment

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term “dummy cord” it just means to tie your equipment down. As your hiking along sometimes things can come loose and fall out of pockets or pouches and having a secondary means of retaining an item is a smart idea, especially if that item is critical toContinue reading “Junk On The Bunk: 5 minute project – Dummy cord essential equipment”