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5 minute project: Setting up a Quick Adjust Sling on a Bolt Gun

I wrote last year about the Defensive Hunter concept. In that article I was using a Ruger American Ranch chambered in 6.5 Grendel. In that article I was using the Magpul RLS sling, and while it is a good inexpensive sling, it also lacks any way to adjust it’s length easily in the field. ThisContinue reading “5 minute project: Setting up a Quick Adjust Sling on a Bolt Gun”

Junk on the Bunk: Line 2 Gear

This is a long overdue update on my line 2 gear. I’ve done a lot of changing and learning since I wrote my last article on the subject. I utilize the line concept to help organize my gear, and for those new to the subject I’ll give a brief overview: This system provides me withContinue reading “Junk on the Bunk: Line 2 Gear”

Video of Russian snipers in Ukraine

An interesting video from last year. Note the team size and how they are equipped, all in the name of firing one round. A lot different than the stereotypical lone shooter in a ghillie suit. Of course these guys are operating inside of a presumably very secure area, using a rifle capable of very longContinue reading “Video of Russian snipers in Ukraine”

Opinion: What makes a rifle “practical” for general use? – Courtesy of Atlas Shrug on the Brushbeater Forum

The following is a post I copied with permission from a discussion over at the Brushbeater Forum. I thought the author made a lot of good points and they seemed to reflect my own observations I wrote about recently. What makes a rifle practical and well suited to the tasks you envision for it? WhenContinue reading “Opinion: What makes a rifle “practical” for general use? – Courtesy of Atlas Shrug on the Brushbeater Forum”

Updated data book page (for free)

This is an updated version of the data book page from my D.O.P.E. article. It’s based off the ones I used as a rifle marksmanship instructor in the Marines with a few improvements. A reader has emailed me asking if I would share it, but I’ve since lost the original file (it’s been over 15Continue reading “Updated data book page (for free)”

Opinion and Gear Review: My long range rifle system

System: a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. For a long time I’ve really only had two rifles that I considered part of my “Red Dawn Battery”. I own other rifles, but these two were the ones I considered my go to rifles for rural SHTF security.Continue reading “Opinion and Gear Review: My long range rifle system”

From zeroing to 1000 yards in an afternoon

I recently acquired a new precision rifle system and I wanted to get it “up and running” so to speak. This involves finding a load the rifle likes, mounting optics and accessories and then determining the ballistics for this combination of rifle and ammo to get a reliable and repeatable system. Although I can handContinue reading “From zeroing to 1000 yards in an afternoon”

Opinion: Every shooter/ survivalist/ patriot a rifleman

The rifle, a tool that undoubtedly deserves an honorable mention as one of the top tools that have helped men explore, secure, and settle land as well as protect and provide for their families and communities. Other tools that come to mind also include a good knife, axes, fire and the wheel. One might sayContinue reading “Opinion: Every shooter/ survivalist/ patriot a rifleman”

Don’t be a dope, know your D.O.P.E.

It’s been said that consistency is the key to accuracy. This is usually in reference to being consistent in the application of the fundamentals of marksmanship while shooting. This consistency is what produces good groups and allows us to adjust our sights to get the shot group where we want it on the target. ButContinue reading “Don’t be a dope, know your D.O.P.E.”