The Bush Tactics Course

Updated 15NOV2022


Proto – a combining form meaning “first,” “foremost,” “earliest form of,” used in the formation of compound words.

Tactics – A procedure or set of maneuvers engaged in to achieve an end, an aim, or a goal.

Throughout history small bands of men have had to work together against nature and threats from other men to protect their homes and families and to seek out resources. The successful ones did this using team work and tactics that have lived on in different forms to eventually become what is known today as small unit tactics.

“Indian scouts watching Custer’s advance” – Frederic Remington

Over time these prototactics have been used over and over, with adaptations, to work for the end users. By studying these prototactics small teams can learn the most applicable skills to ensure their survival as they attempt to accomplish their goals.

Apache fighters – Yahnozha, Chappo, Fun and Geronimo, C.S. Fly

There are numerous examples of outnumbered and outgunned groups persevering against much greater opponents, yet succeeding, and it’s these tactics we’ll be studying. The Bush Tactics class is designed to give modern day tribal warriors the skills they need to execute a fight, defensive or offensive, with the tools that are commonly available.

Mujahideen fighting the Soviets

Predator vs. Prey Mentality

The Fieldcraft Course lays the foundation for sustaining ourselves in a low profile manner in a wilderness environment. We touch a little bit on tactics for a basic understanding of them, but for the most part we are learning the skills just to survive in the field. I think of this focus on self preservation and remaining low profile as a prey mentality. Just like a deer is just trying to get by, so are we in the Fieldcraft Course.

The Course

In contrast, the Bush Tactics course is designed to put the predatory teeth into your Fieldcraft. A mountain lion relies on all the same survival skills as a deer; camouflage, food, water, etc. Except the mountain lion isn’t just trying to get by; he chooses to hunt and take what he wants. It’s this cunning and aggressive predatory mindset that we want to develop in the Bush Tactics class.

This course isn’t a hashing over of US Infantry doctrine; it’s a tactics class customized for small groups looking to defend their liberty, homes and families. We will only be focusing on tactics and techniques appropriate for a small 3-6 man team living and operating in a non-permissive or contested wilderness environment.

“Fire Team” by Dick Kramer

Living conditions will be the same as The Fieldcraft Course, completely in the field, with emphasis placed on proper tactical execution while in a non-permissive environment the entire class.

It’s my goal that students should not only leave with a notebook full of notes, but the applicable experience to be able to teach others how to do what they’ve done. For this reason, Alumni of both the Fieldcraft and Bush Tactics courses will be invited to come back and train for free.

Students should expect to leave confident in the following skills:

  • Individual and Equipment Camouflage
  • Hide construction
  • Observation
  • Infiltration
  • Communication
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Offensive and Defensive Small Unit Tactics
  • Patrol planning
  • Patrol leadership
  • Patrol Conduct and Developing Unit SOP’s
  • Night movement and engagement

While the Fieldcraft Course isn’t a prerequisite, it is highly advised and it is expected that students will be able to pick up where we left off at a minimum. If you haven’t been to the Fieldcraft Course email me first.

Please see the Class Calendar for dates.

Please check the Class Gear page for the gear list.

The price for this class is $450. Cash, check, money order, or barter. Email me to sign up:



  1. Every skill offered in the description are things I want to improve on or learn. Looks like I am heading west again this year. Seriously looking forward to this. But 2022 is going to be a crazy year for training; everyone has got really awesome classes/courses lined up. Hopefully I will see you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Once again my goal isn’t to just bring people up and exhaust them running around just for the sake of it. I’d say it will be just as demanding physically and mentally. I’d say if you can hike a couple miles with 50-60 pounds of gear over hilly terrain without dying you should be good to go.


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