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Welcome to Badlands Fieldcraft

Badlands Hunter Knives

Courses and Training Schedule

Gear and Swag for sale

New and used gear that I don’t need and also some swag like sweatshirts, hats and patches. Purchases help support the site and fund future projects

Junk on the Bunk

Articles delving into the gear


A selection of writings useful to your study of Fieldcraft.

My Current Gear

Articles detailing what I currently prefer for gear, subject to change…


Articles where I share my outlook on tactics, training, politics and masculinity…


Improvise, adapt and overcome. Sometimes we have to improve our tools..

Land Navigation

Articles helping you improve on one of the most important Fieldcraft skills


Occasionally I share my thoughts on equipment I’ve used or classes I’ve been to

Cold Weather Skills

Knowledge for living and operating in the cold

Fieldcraft Articles

A wide range of subjects all dedicated to improving your ability to operate and live in the field.

Latest Posts