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Gear For Sale

I’m “culling the herd” so to speak and I’ll be posting gear here so check back regularly. Contact me at if interested in anything. Buyer pays shipping via USPS. Payment via Cash, Check, MO or barter.

“Hellcat” modded medium ALICE pack – $145

I’ve had this pack for quite a few years. I wrote about it awhile back here and here. She’s a great pack and includes everything detailed in the two articles. The rubber coating for the pouch under the lid is long gone, but honestly I don’t think it matters much. This can be restored with flex seal spray if wanted. The main pack has had tan camo spray paint applied to mute down the woodland camo for my environment.

Downeast 1603 frame – $15

Used on MOLLE 2 packs, can me modded to fit ALICE and other external frame packs. Can also be used to make a pack frame.


5 thoughts on “Gear For Sale

  1. Hate to see the DG go. I’d grab it and the Granite Gear pack in a heartbeat if I had the spare cash.
    Just an offer, tell whoever buys the Granite gear ruck from you that if they’ll cover the shipping both ways, I’ll take a look at the area that needs repair and see if I can patch it up for them. No charge.

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    1. They are both great packs, I just have too much stuff and need to clear out some space. I appreciate you offering to help get that spot fixed, that’s very generous of you. I went ahead and posted a more accurate picture of the damage so you can see if it’s doable, thanks again!

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