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Badlands Fieldcraft Swag is in!

I just received my branded apparel and I think it looks great. Some of you may have seen me wearing the green sweatshirt and black hat at class, these are the same as those. The sweatshirt is a very nice medium weight fleece that is very comfortable. The price for the sweatshirts is $55, theContinue reading “Badlands Fieldcraft Swag is in!”

Badlands Fieldcraft solar compass patches available now!

Nothing will boost your morale more than finding your way when you are lost, and now I’m offering a 2×3” morale patch to do just that. No batteries, no electronics, just good old fashioned woods knowledge. As long as the sun is shining and you can figure out the approximate local time you can figureContinue reading “Badlands Fieldcraft solar compass patches available now!”