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Note to Fieldcraft Students this weekend

The forecast is calling for lots of rain during the class. The following are a few reminders:

  • Bring extra socks and foot powder. I’m planning on bringing three pairs (one on my feet, one dry pair in reserve, and one drying)
  • Waterproof your extra clothing, layers, food, and sleeping gear with dry bags or garbage bags.
  • Bring your poncho at a minimum.
  • Bring a spare pair of gloves to change into or use a waterproof glove.
  • The terrain will most likely be slicker so if you want to use trekking poles bring them
  • Have your gear packed so that you are prepared to hike into the site. With the heavy rain we are expecting the road in may be impassable so we will be going in on foot. STICK TO THE GEAR LIST!! This isn’t the time to T&E extra gear that isn’t on the list.

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