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Seek Outside: How to Cut your Backpack Hunting Weight

I came across this article recently and I thought the author presented some interesting metrics to analyze gear weight with.

Big game hunting while living out of a backpack is an elite (crazy) sport, and the weight you carry is critical.

In this first sentence of the article the author makes an extremely important point, and if weight is that important for a performance back country hunter, anyone planning on defending their homes and families should be taking the subject at least this seriously, if not more so.

Common sense and desired end results still apply, which the author represents well in his discussion of budget and physical fitness. In the last couple years I’ve had the privilege of getting to meet a lot of interesting people at class and I’ve had my eyes opened by some of them and their performance. I’ve tried to adapt what I’ve learned from them in a manner that is relatable for my own readers and students, but in the end you’ll have to weigh all the options and determine for yourself what is best.

Seek Outside: How to cut your Backpack Hunting Weight


2 thoughts on “Seek Outside: How to Cut your Backpack Hunting Weight

  1. Thanks BR. He has some good ideas and some interesting lightweight packs.

    Re: training, Here is a good training plan sequence for backcountry hunters –

    I’ve not used this particular training plan but I’ve used some of his other training plans and can report they are 100% legit. The owner of that site/gym (he’s in Wyoming) is also an experienced backcountry hunter and he has some interesting thoughts on gear as well – here’s one example: Again, do your METT-TC to see If any of these are a good fit for you.

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