Scenes from the Fieldcraft Course, April 29 – May 2

We recently held another Fieldcraft Course and what an excellent class it was. It was full of challenges including having to reschedule because of a blizzard. This ended up saturating the area, which combined with the rain that we were having on the first day produced a very wet, cold and muddy class. Everyone came ready to do their best and it showed, putting their packs on and stepping off into the rain for the hike into the training site. Typically we drive in, but the two track trail leading in was flooded so we had to ruck in instead. The students worked together to help everyone navigate the rough and slick terrain safely. The students did an excellent job of handling not only the challenges of the course itself, but also the additional challenges placed on them from having to adapt to the terrain and weather. These guys did an awesome job and I couldn’t be more proud of each of them.


  1. So much awesomeness! I love seeing folks get out and do this kind of stuff. It will pay off for them down the road. The terrain out there is sooooo different than here. LoL.

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