Class Calendar 2022

Updated 2-17-22

April 22-25 – Fieldcraft Course

May 13-16 – Bush Tactics Course

June 4-5 Land Navigation Skill Builder Class

July 16-17 Rifleman’s Skill Builder Class

September 9-12 Fieldcraft Course

September 23-26 Bush Tactics Course

October 14-16 – Partisan Life Saver with Stuck Pig Medical

2021 was a great first year and I look forward to next years classes. I have big plans to improve on the class even further. Thank you again to everyone who came this year!


      • Ya, man! You fill a major void, not only do you know CQB, patrolling, survivalism, marksmanship to 500 meters+ etc….. I can say for myself no one is teaching what you are good at. Patrolling is a very wide category and you know this very well. My first experience in your fieldcraft class was excellent, man I honestly want to learn everything I can from you about Patrolling from you; no HOMO either. But the more I read about patrolling the more it seems confusing? Field manuals seem to indicate patrolling is every action a person or group could take?

        But there is no date posted yet for the patrolling class? But when you do just send me a bill and tell me where to be when…..I will find my way out there again!

        Thanks for all you do.


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      • Thanks man, I’m working on the format for the patrolling class. I agree, field manuals are not really a great source of information, training and practice is about the best way you’re going to learn. Study historical examples as well as texts based on historical examples. You’ve got to understand that “going on a patrol” can mean different things to people from different units and back grounds. What’s the mission? Why are we patrolling? Where are we patrolling?

        I could put out a patrolling class today if I were going to be teaching a Marine rifle squad, it’s different when you’re teaching small unit tactics to a small unconventional unit. This takes more study and practice, but I’ve had some help along the way and in feeling pretty confident with what I have to go with. The good thing is it’s a lot simpler when it’s not tied into a large force. I’ll keep you updated on the dates when I am ready to announce them. Take care!

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