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Improved 25 Meter Zero Target

Just wanted to leave this here, it’s a handy target for quickly getting AR’s sighted in. When printing this off the larger squares should measure 1/2”. In other words, we should be hitting about 3/4” low at 25M to be close at 100M. Of course your particular rifle and ammunition will dictate the actual measurement. For instance my 62 grain BTHP out of a 16” barrel is only .7” low at 25M. Also, we always want to confirm at distance after getting a rough close range zero.

11 thoughts on “Improved 25 Meter Zero Target

  1. I am runming a Weaver K6 on both my 5.56& 6.8 SPC. Hell,Iam running a K6 on my .375 H&H.I have been real satisfied with a Weaver K 6 since I put a K6 against a Leoupold fixed 6 and a Burris fixed 6. The Weaver K6 was standard Govt. issue to All Government Trappers in Mont. Wyo.Back in the 70 s.I have not had 1 shit the bed on me under 25 yards actually 10 they are not good,but at that range cam the Rifle and shoot down the barrel Center of Mass. If I sound like an Geezerly Baby Boomer,who due to advancing chronology is having trouble Hopping on the $ 1500-2000 Dollar LPVO Train its previous experience with Variable Power Scope which translates into a shit ton of little moving parts ,which in this Marine’s experience in life means Murphy is waiting everywhere to give me the greenie. weenie. From Jeff Cooper I learned allow 1 power magnification per 100 Yards. That Dictum is an absolute written in Granite with an Iron Pen. A Weaver K-6 will provide all Magnification neccessary for a 1 Shot Hit at 600 Yds Irrespective of questionable lethality of 5:56 at that Range. Please note I have not killed anything at that range and have not yet real world shooting at that range I was at Sierra 3 years ago and picked up a 1000 69 Grain Match at Discount due to Cosmetic blemish cheap (.224). Then Work and Life got in way of Load Development etc. Will start with 4895. Biggest challenge with K6 will be offset when shooting over top of vehicle or around I have’nt done that starting at say 6 Ft 2 yds,and working out to 25 yds/1000 inches More interested at 100. Dad Gum ,I missed a Coyote with my AR ran across the Rd ,he was well under 25 yds I shot over Him!!!! Dadgum. Checked Rifle zero was on at 200! But Over is Over ,WTF Over. Coyote well and healthy my feeling crushed,thank God Wiley E.did not have a .223 he may have figured offset into his and blew this Cowboy’s shit to the wind! On another Note my Wife going to Univ.Salt Lake Hosp. for Mega Spine Surgery on or around 1 Nov. we are talking 3 Surgical Teams ,18 hour surgery with Titanium Rods literally bolts nuts etc.Can’t make it this year but next year will be there. Really appreciate your blog. Clay-Daniel:Jones.

    On Sat, Sep 11, 2021, 1:47 PM Badlands Fieldcraft wrote:

    > Badlands Rifleman posted: ” ” >

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    1. Thanks for the good info on the K6, I’ve heard of them before, I’ll definitely check into them. I knew I had heard that 1 power per hundred yards before, I’ve referenced it a lot without remembering from where. I like “1 power per hundred yards plus two for observation”. The 1-8 on my favorite AR seems to be plenty for sending the 5.56 pills on their way, with a couple extra for peeking into the bush for fine inspections. I use Tac for my AR loads, it has worked really well. I hope your wife’s surgery goes well, take care!


  2. thanks for posting this, very useful. I gotta spend a little time searching for same but calibrated for 36 yard, yet to find what I’m looking for.

    Often curious why guys choose to zero 5.56 at 25 meters other than that’s what they were taught and so familiar with. IMO 36 y zero makes better use of the 5.56/308 BSZ ballistics giving less rise at top of it’s arc. Guess that ARMY vs USMC “thing” will never end 😛

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      1. Roger that, exactly what I do. Tight zero’s confirmed at distance is an important chunk of the game.

        While training a new shooter I explain exactly what’s happening with external ballistics (laid out in a simple manner for a beginner) get them as tight a zero as they can, while reading target to show them how their fundamentals (or lack there of at that point) show up on the target. It gives them clarity to challenge themselves to improve.

        Then we walk out every 25 meters shooting a round or 2 POA/POI so they can see on paper how the round is climbing & falling. Which of course also allows me to confirm their zero and slightly adjust if necessary. It also allows them to understand the further out the more your fundamentals matter. (it always matters of course but this process makes it very clear).

        Before they know it they’re out further than they ever thought they could shoot. And when they hit the distance they start having trouble consistently hitting, it also gives them a point of reference to challenge themselves for improvement. Next thing you know they’re asking you to take them out again and show them how to get more accurate and even further out.

        It’s great to see the increase in confidence in them, and it’s fun. It’s important to keep it fun where you can because zeroing properly takes a good bit of time. I love passing this onto others and helping better prepare them for “interesting times”.

        We’re all gonna need it.

        Thanks for everything you do Mr. Badlands.

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  3. Hey BR, dumb question. When I print this, does it print out the right size ready to go? Or do I have to adjust the print scale to get it the right size? Thanks for putting this up here. Much appreciated.

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    1. Not a dumb question at all. I had no idea this target would get so much attention, otherwise I’d have added some notes like I just did. The large squares should measure 1/2” when you print it off to be most accurate. Take care!


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