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Operation Dingo: Rhodesian raids on New Farm and Tembue

Operation Dingo is an excellent example of a small but determined force using ingenuity, aggression and surprise to overwhelm a far larger enemy force.

In November of 1976 the Rhodesian security forces were fighting an uphill battle trying to keep their country safe from Marxist terrorists infiltrating their country. The Rhodesians were vastly outnumbered but determined, with their backs against the wall as they protected their country and families from international Marxism.

The Rhodesians had learned the location of two large enemy training camps (New Town, also called Chimoio, and Tembue) across the border in Mozambique. These camps had to be eliminated to relieve pressure on the security forces trying to protect the country. With world political leaders working against them in any way they could, including the UK and United States (it’s shameful how the US government publicly turned their backs, and privately encouraged, what was happening there), and with the increasing number of enemy to deal with, the Rhodesians had to succeed or the war would be lost.

For a slightly different, but first hand, account of this operation, as well as the geopolitical BS that ensued as the UK, US, China, Russia and Cuba all worked against Rhodesia (sound familiar at all?), check out the book “A handful of hard men” by Hannes Wessels.

New Farm


See the following for maps detailing the two camps as well as some of the equipment used.


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