A knifeless man is a lifeless man…

I recently had the opportunity to visit with NCScout on Radio Contra. Part of our discussion centered on knife selection for “Survival” situations, whether it’s a wilderness survival situation, or living day to day in a third world society. As was pointed out during the interview, we can learn a lot about a good “survival” knife by what has been used historically. I wanted to share two excellent resources that give a good background and further elaborate on what I consider a good “Survival” knife.


  1. I’ve got a 4″ Randall No. 5 Small Hunter with a green border patrol style micarta handle that I have had for many, many years. It is a fine camp and hunting, general use, knife. It’s gutted dozens of deer and hogs over the years. Worth every penny, lots of good memories.

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  2. I love knives. I have many and have abused some. It is impossible to pick my favorite, but I will say that I have had the most fun using one that was made by my friend out of a RR spike. It was carried for about a decade in the woods during logging season. Peeling, stabbing, cutting through the ground and all it had to offer. The only sharpening it was offered was the pull thru sharpener at ACE when I was checking out. It led a hard life and was neglected by an ape, but it still holds an edge and is indestructible. The sheath blew out and I put it in a drawer, now I’m overwhelmed by guilt. Time to make a new sheath and give it some love. I’m on a Kukri adventure now too, don’t tell my wife.

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    • Isn’t it funny how some knives just take on a spirit of their own? I’ve got a large old timer Texas toothpick that I carried the whole time I was in the Marines and I’ve cleaned many many trout with it. There’s a picture of it in the sharpening article I did, I doubt it cost more than $20 but it’s still one of my favorites.


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