An analysis of “THE RE-BRANDED AMERICAN MAN” by Vagabond

There was a cool article NCScout put up over on American Partisan this morning and I wanted to add a bit of my own analysis to it. You may have read in my other articles that I’m a big fan of Jack Donovan’s Tactical Virtues as a yardstick for masculinity. Once again they are Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor. They serve both as a yardstick to measure other men against, but more importantly a yardstick to measure ourselves against.

I’m going to go through Vagabond’s list below and see if I can tie each comment back to a Tactical Virtue. I often do this with men I admire to see what virtues they represent best, or men I don’t admire to see why. I usually always can tie back to one of these Virtues.

There is a saying that sometimes what’s old is new; and the time has come for Homer Simpson to move over for John Wayne 2021.

And for such a Man just what might they say?

“Damn! Dude knows where he came from!” (Honor)

“It’s really cool you know so much about your family history!” (Honor)

“What strong faith you have!” (Honor)

“Not many people stand up for what they believe in, how did you learn to do that?” (Honor)

“I really admire how the only thing stronger than your work ethic is your brain!” (Honor, Mastery)

How did you get so fit?” (Strength, as well as Mastery if they recognize the education that goes into learning how to be fit.)

Lord, I’d hate to beef with you!” (A statement like this could easily come from someone recognizing not just physical Strength, but also Mastery of one’s defensive abilities and also previously demonstrated Courage)

See that swole guy other there? Yeah, look out – he looks he’s middle class!” (Strength)

“Dad, I really admire your intelligence.” (Mastery)

Honey, I really admire your wisdom.” (Mastery)

You work out EVERY day?!” (Mastery of exercise and Courage to be disciplined in following a routine)

“You’re ex-military? Cool how you keep your skills up.” (Mastery)

Your not ex-military? Cool how you learned so many skills.” (Mastery)

One thing I really like about you is your Code of Honor.” (Honor)

We may disagree, but I can always trust you.” (Honor)

Do you ever not keep your word?.” (Honor)

Hah! Most guys in your position are only well-rounded in the middle, but you’re the real deal!” (Mastery of many skills, as well as being in good shape)

What a work, life, mind-body-spirit balance!” (This could very well be an acknowledgment of all the Tactical Virtues)

What’s with you, always striving to somehow exceed yourself?” (This is the way of someone seeking Mastery)

“You remind me of Western Civ class; the prof mentioned something the ancient Greeks called ‘virtu.’ (Courage, Mastery, Honor)

You are one hell of a leader.” (Mastery, leading is both a trait but also a skill that has to be mastered)

“You are one hell of a follower.” (Mastery of learning to integrate well into a team is also a skill)

You really know when to lead and when to follow.” (Mastery)

There’s something special about how you honor your parents and look after your kin,” (Honor)

Wait! You really had your kids give thanks to their great great grand parents who left everything to cross the Atlantic on a boat to start a new life, which led to them being born?!” (Honor, Courage to do something that others may see as strange)

Weird how you can be polite but somehow it doesn’t come off as weak.” (Mastery of communication)

“Do you study your Faith every day” Cause you act like you do.” (Honor)

Damn you have guts!” (Courage)

I’m surprised, but you have a diplomatic side that’s really effective.” (Mastery of communication)

And the list goes on……


  1. Badlands

    Thanks for taking the time to post your analysis. It’s a good teaching tool for showing young men how to make the traditional virtues live in the ordinary day to day. Put another way: there are no secret shortcuts in life, just efficient application of the fundamentals.

    A related topic is how we transition our youth from boys to men. Western society does it poorly at present, generally leaving it to chance. A small subset follow the traditional path to instill the virtues of manhood in maturing boys. Call it rites of passage. There’s much good in approaching those rites with intention.

    We are facing the impending transition with our oldest son, and younger sons shortly behind. By God’s grace, We have a large family by American standards. Our approach is to teach and test both skills and knowledge as our boys approach manhood. Mastery is essential, as is honesty. The training vehicles are not as important as the process. We use woodcraft, hunting, caring for livestock and crops, maintaining equipment, putting Scripture into practice, etc. others might follow a different path. The important thing is to be intentional about linking mastery to becoming a man. Manhood isn’t an age, it’s a set of skills, knowledge, and attributes demonstrated in daily life.

    This may look familiar to those who’ve gone through the NCO development process. It should. That deliberate apprenticeship process has worked for time immemorial. Under many guises to be sure, but the same timeless process.

    The main point is that men have to put in the effort to teach their sons to become men of honor. It’s a process rather than an event. Men also have to help their peers to be better men. Accountability all around.

    Thanks for taking a moment to expand on the idea.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts Preacher, I think this subject is a vast melting pot and I’m always interested in hearing how others are approaching the subject, especially with young men. It’s no small coincidence that so much advertising and social manipulation is directed at young boys. Music, sports, pornography, video games, movies and other forms of corporate distraction all seek to be the only image of “masculinity” so many of our fatherless or weak-fathered youth see. I know because I was there myself as a younger man and it’s very overpowering if you’re not aware of what it is. I’m in my mid-thirties now and I see guys my age falling for the BS over and over again. The sad part is they don’t even realize how predictably they’ve been programmed. And Rites of Passage have been intentionally destroyed as well. I think what you are doing with your sons is not only great, but essential. If you’re ever interested in coming to my classes I’d be happy to give a hefty discount if you wanted to attend with your sons. I recently had a father and his young son attend my last class and it was very rewarding watching them.

      Not to mention the nearly complete gutting of real, wholesome feminism has ruined almost entire generations of would be brides, creating somewhat of an amalgamation between a whore house and corporate puppets.

      Rites of passage are a huge component, as is accountability. My own writing is as much about holding myself accountable after I have written something as it is trying to help others. Sometimes I write the things I need to hear myself. It’s hard to sleep in and not go to the gym after you’ve been telling others they need to get into shape. Men also need accountability with each other to check in on one another as they are dealing with similar struggles. The whole “lone cowboy/ mountain man” idea is a psyop meant to isolate us from each other. We need to bond and check in with each other to give support and guidance too.

      Thanks again Preacher, I’d be happy to hear more of your thoughts anytime, take care!


  2. I’m not familiar with Mr. Donovan’s Tactical Virtues, so thank you for sharing. This is an interesting article. I haven’t yet had the chance to check of Scout’s piece over at AP, but I will at some point this evening.
    At one time there were many institutions in this country that reinforced what young men were taught as they were raised by their parents. The Armed Forces, working on a ranch or a farm, going to sea, etc. There are numerous others that I’ve not named. However, with the decline of the traditional family, the indoctrination taking place within the educational system and the purging of the military, most of these institutions no longer exist. The left is getting what the desire; a population that is dependent upon the government for almost every basic need and a populous that resembles a group of worker drones, doing as they’re told without question. It’s a crying shame what the Left has been allowed to get away with in this country.

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  3. Badlands

    You’ve hit the nail on the head in assessing current culture. The Progs go after all we hold dear, especially our children. They seek to erase Traditional values that created the luxuries they enjoy. They will not stop of their own volition.

    BLUF: Men of honor, women of virtue. Our task is to create communities where this is the normal thing and the ideal to strive for. This is how we preserve our culture and values in the face of determined efforts to erase what we hold dear.

    I didn’t coin the phrase but it’s helpful. It really resonates with people.

    People will quibble over definitions of what honor and virtue means. Thats just part of their process of coming to grips with their own errors. Dissonance reduction is a stone cold beast. We help them thru it.

    For those outside the faith I use words like honest, competent, trustworthy, truthful, modest, fair dealing, etc. It sets the expectation that honor and virtue are diametrically opposed to everything that mass media feeds in their Psyop campaign.

    For those in the faith Scripture abounds with examples throughout the Gospels and Paul’s Epistles to the churches. Thessalonians 4 is one of my favorites because it’s concise and to the point: live a quiet life, work with your hands, mind your own business so you might increase and have abundance. Honorable and virtuous principles right there. Attention whores need not apply. You get the idea. I’ll save the sermon that your readers might not want just yet.

    I take your point about ineffective fathers. My dad wasn’t present much. Always working or doing his own thing. Fatherhood wasn’t a priority for him. Lots of boys deal with that in these days where it takes two incomes to keep bread on the table. Fortunately for me, my Grandfather was present and stepped up to keep me on the right path. He was a teen in the Great Depression and served as a sailor in the Big War. He taught me a lot about duty and responsibility while fishing, hunting, tending cows, and mending fence. All of us can provide mentorship like that even if we didn’t receive it.

    Men hold each other to account for our choices. We mentor younger men. Thats the only way we can preserve our culture and values. Live them now and pass them to the next generation.

    Last bit. No one is coming to save us. It’s been that way since Pilate freed Barabbas at the behest of the mob. We must do the heavy lifting, physically and spiritually, to be free from the yoke of the tyrant. I pray often for Discernment to see the right path and do the right thing. Men of honor and women of virtue is the foundation of that heavy lifting.

    Thanks for your blog. It’s useful as refresher and teaching tool. It helps an old greybeard former paratrooper to know what the current generation of patriots are up to.

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