Scenes from the Fieldcraft Course 14MAY – 17MAY2021

I just finished another Fieldcraft class yesterday with another great group of guys. It never ceases to amaze me and humble me when I get the opportunity to train alongside such awesome men. While I do my best to impart any skills or knowledge I can, I also learn from, and am inspired by, students as they challenge themselves and succeed.

Building solid shooting positions
A very supportive father
Building range cards and practicing target detection
Engaging targets at 250Y-550Y
Shelter construction
2 man shelter with browse bedding
Constructing P.A.U.L. maps
Heading to the second camp at sunset
Pre-filtering water, beggars can’t be choosers
Milbanks bag at work
Land Navigation route planning
Utilizing a buddy to apply personal camouflage
Ready for action
Looking for their hidden class mates
Hiding in plain sight – be the nothing
Another hidden student – he was never spotted, even when the OpFor was only feet away
Creating a fire with materials off the landscape builds a lot of confidence
Blowing an ember into flames for the first time
Preparing for night time land navigation. They completed the land nav getting all the points with 1 meter accuracy

This was another great class and I consider myself lucky to have gotten to work with these guys.


  1. The camo was great! I cannot positively identify either parties in both photos. God job gentlemen! That is a good Father too just so you all know! Doing real shit with Dad is the best!

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    • The camouflage portion went really good. I didn’t give the teams a lot of time to prepare and it was really impressive to see what they came up with in a short amount of time. The young man in the viper hood was only about 15 feet away when I had him reveal himself, he’s a sneaky little guy 😁 They made a great father and son team!


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