Scenes from the Fieldcraft Course 10APR2021

One of the many targets we will be training target detection and engagement on.
Using my medium ALICE and a motorcycle strap to get a target up into position.
Looking down onto Camp 1. We will be learning a lot in this little valley to include land navigation, rifle marksmanship and other useful skills.

I just finished putting the last touches on out at the Fieldcraft Course. I hiked steel silhouette targets and their supports up into the hills all day so I’m ready for family, a burger, and a beer. I’ve got a few other minor things I’ll be doing as time goes on, but it’s ready for students and training now.

It’s been quite a bit of work the last few months getting everything ready, but it’s ready now and I think it will be some excellent training. It will be very enjoyable to watch the students learn the material and apply it as they get more proficient individually and in teams. There is a lot to cover but I think if we work hard the students will leave with many new and improved skills as well as the pride of having faced challenges and beat them with a team of like minded men.

If this sounds interesting to you please be sure and check out the class description and also the calendar, thanks!


  1. Looks awesome and like a lot of work. Really looking forward to getting started, putting finishing touches on load out. Thanks for doing this, it will be awesome!

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    • Thanks buddy, I guess you could call it “work”, but honestly it’s just been a lot of fun. I’ve got my notes for the class typed onto 3×5 cards, I’m up to about 150 currently, I’ll probably have 200 by the time I’m done. Once I get those finished I’m going to try and get a booklet put together so you guys don’t have to write so many notes, and so I don’t have to get carpal tunnel writing everything on a dry erase board. I just hope the weather cooperates for the class, yesterday was 75 and sunny, today was 30 and a blizzard. Good old Montana weather haha. Take care!


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