Scenes from the Fieldcraft Course – March 21, 2021

I just spent day working out on the course. I put in 18 land nav points over a few square miles. I also took the opportunity to scout some more of the terrain and I found some very interesting places. I think in both terms of natural beauty and subject matter, the land nav courses will be hard to beat. I’ve got about 2 spots left in in April’s class and I’m about half full in May’s, so if you’re interested be sure to get ahold of me.

One of the 18 land nav points.
Mr. Porcupine
Beaver dams
Second shed I’ve found in a week. One of my favorite treasures to come across.
I cooked lunch with my new Jet Boil Flash. It boiled half the pot of water in 2:08 on this windy and cool day.
Having the ability to boil water is a critical capability.
All parts of the flash, including a small fuel canister, nest inside the pot with just enough room for a bandana as well.
Contact Front! Deer in the tree line! 200 yards! Being down wind, she had no idea I was there.
“A man with a .30-.30 and a plan..” -NCScout


  1. Looks like that might be a cave in one picture? Cool.
    Also more good info in pictures re:terrain and what might be available for scavenging.

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