1. Thank You! Buy road maps for where one plans to operate. Here east of the Miss River, never more than a few miles from a road (www.projectremote.com) In this country we are just camping between roads.

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  2. One thing I’ve found useful to have are the maps of ATV and Snow Mobile Trials for your state and the all of the states that border yours (well, unless you live in Texas ;-O, kidding). They are useful as an alternative to regular roads, especially if traveling by foot or one of the means of conveyance mentioned above or by off road bicycle.

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    • For sure. Make sure you Recon any critical routes a couple times a year if possible too. I know in my area some trails can get washed out or covered in a land side or other debris and but repaired for years. While you’re doing said Recon keep track of resources and other potentially helpful things you find on the way, thanks for stopping by and take care!


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