Take your mask and shove it

So I just finished listening in on my local county commission meeting to decide if our county will follow our governor’s new mandate easing mask requirements, or if they will choose to create stricter mandates to continue on in the fashion we have been.

Our Governor was recently replaced after my state swept democrats clean out of office, and the new governor has issued a new directive. He insists on common sense, not using any bogus science or made up numbers to enforce a mask mandate.

This of course is great news, and it was interesting to hear the conversation go back and forth. While the idea of creating our own county mandate was brought up, it quickly fell on its face when it came to enforcement. Nobody could seem to figure out how they would legally do it, other than giving fines for trespassing if a business wanted you to wear one and you chose not to. There was also a comment on how that technically still wouldn’t enforce the mandate, just an already existing trespass law.

It was also brought up by some astute commissioners that it really didn’t matter what they decided to do, the people of the area have already decided and are acting upon their own wishes already, and many haven’t worn masks even under the last Governor’s mandate. One of them even said they wouldn’t be surprised to see mask burning parties.

It’s a small victory that I get to enjoy today, as I’ve been intentionally not complying the whole time. As I wrote last year we will have to answer for the way we act, and today I can be proud that I didn’t give in to fear and help propagate a lie. I can be proud that I helped spread strength by being an example and defiantly waltzing right past mask requirement signs. In a way I might miss pissing the purple haired door guards off, it’s kind of fun. But then again I can always find my amusement in other productive ways.


  1. I also believe the masks are a huge control issue and nothing more. It thoroughly amazes when I see people driving in their cars alone wearing a mask.

    Still though, in some areas the PTBs can and will shutdown businesses if they don’t ensure mask compliance. It’d be a shame if employees lost pay because of customers trying to make a point. If I see other customers in the store without masks I’ll ask the employees if the care if I wear the mask or not. Just a thought.


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    • You make a good point, and I certainly feel for those who have been hit hard by this situation, but a man made, deceptively informed and politically incentivized situation it has become none the less and the real reason those people will be hurt in the long run is because of the situation itself, not my actions in response to it. I think in the long run we have to think about those people’s industries and furthermore everyone’s lives and liberty. If they want to sell it off for whatever they make an hour that is just sad. Lost pay sucks, but when corporate America is allowed to operate at full capacity while mom and pop shops are forced into tighter and tighter restrictions I think there has to come a point where the business owners and employees need to get off the fence. At some point we have to resist or else we can’t be surprised when we see smoke stacks on the horizon through the window slits in our box cars. There are numerous examples right now of business owners doing just that and showing the state to be what it is, a paper Tiger. Oftentimes combat is a shit sandwich and there aren’t any easy ways but straight through. I think this new tyranny that is rising is much the same. We can’t always have our cake and eat it too, we have to be willing to sacrifice for what’s right. These people have decided that you and I are theirs to control and if we resist they think of us as enemies, it might be time to start realizing we are already engaged in a fight and start worrying about that. The #1 key to their success is our compliance. Take care!


  2. I agree 100%
    Folks need to wake up and realize that if they don’t stand up the line in the sand just keeps getting washed away with the tide and pretty soon they are going to run out of dry beach to stand on.

    I saw that your classes are in Eastern Montana, I was out that way last month and it was absolutely beautiful countryside. I flew into Billings, and then was in Miles City, and outside of the airport I don’t think I had anyone even say the word mask to me a single time. Very few people that I saw outside of Billings wore one. It reminded me a lot of the area where I live in central NC. The people were awesome too, it was all around a really enjoyable visit to a beautiful area.

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    • Yes sir, the quicker people wake up that we are under attack the better. I’m glad you had a good trip out, hopefully you were in and out before the two weeks of subzero rolled in, but I don’t think too many places escaped that one. Living out here presents its own set of challenges sometimes but it has its charms too. I lived in NC for a few years when I was a kid and I loved it, still a lot of good memories of playing in the woods. I had family up in Greensboro and one of them was a revolutionary reenactor and that made an impression on me. Plus going up to Winston Salem and seeing the history there too, it was a great time. Take care!


      • Yes sir, I beat the cold weather. The guys I spoke to said that it was some of the warmest weather they remembered for the first of the year, it was right around freezing.
        I’m within a half hour’s drive of Greensboro, the history around is definitely interesting!If you’re ever back out this way you’re more than welcome at my home.

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      • We have been pretty lucky so far, but we’ve got a ways to go. I keep my winter gear out until Memorial Day weekend. I’ll definitely keep your offer in mind, I appreciate it, thanks!


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