Some things to smile about…

I couldn’t help myself when I saw this the other day in the local Wally World. There were many of these boxes around the store and the clearance aisle was full of them and other sanitizing devices that came into existence because of the China virus. I love seeing them go the way of other bad ideas; to the dump.

I wonder if the 83% decrease in price reflects the percent decrease of people buying the cock and bull stories. It sure seemed that way as I walked around the store. It was a busy day, yet maybe 10% of people were masked. Of that ten percent, maybe half were elderly, so I can’t really blame them.

But that other five percent… they all had that same look. Flaccid pajama boys (literally in pajamas and slouchy beanies; you can always tell a flaccid man by his slouchy beanie) and their purple haired “women” (I know how much they hate gender descriptions, plus we’re still not completely sure on the actual parts).

Now a few months ago it wasn’t that way. But I think people are waking up. Not just the same usual bitter clingers either. Housewives are waking up. I’m not trying to be derogatory towards housewives here, but with everything they have going on in life, they have precious time to devote to anything that interests them personally sometimes. I think it’s impressive the sheer number that are so aware of what’s going on in our country and it’s a good sign. You don’t make the conscious decision to violate a governors order during a “pandemic” to go to the busiest store in town to get your groceries. Make no mistake, they know what’s going on and are choosing to ignore the mandate.

I know a lot of guys who “would get training” or “would get comms” or “ammo” except they are uncomfortable about talking to their wives about the purchases. I’ve been there plenty myself. The ladies just don’t see the relevance and have a family to take care of. Yet how many have had their eyes opened in the last year? How many guns or other preparedness items have been purchased because the lady of the house saw the necessity in the last year? How many ladies have looked at their man for the first time and backlit by the fires of burning cities demanded he “do something”? How many of those men had any idea of what to do? I’d bet nothing will wake Normie up faster than a scared family.

While it is not a good thing that things have progressed to the point that they are getting so obvious, it is good that people are taking keen notice. Sure the election was stolen by people who have time and again demonstrated the means, motive and access to do just that, and many other terrible things. For all their supposed altruism they are quickly doing everything they can to go down in history as evil. Their portraits will be up next to Stalin, Hitler and Mao’s one day. Short term gains for long term losses I guess.

But to think we’re out of the fight is preposterous. Most of the people I know haven’t even started fighting. Many of the people I know are still digesting all of the last year. They are rational people not prone to fits and burning down their neighbors businesses. They are calculating and cautious. They have families to raise and priorities to take care of. They think about the future and what’s best in the long run. They try to live within their means while giving their families the best they can. When they decide to do something, they do it with a zest unmatched by any other civilization, working for many more hours a week than many people in other countries. Overtime is just a way of life for a lot of them, if they aren’t self employed.

Our society has produced homes where men and women are very integrated in the raising of their families. I think this is somewhat due to progressive ideas. It has no doubt given women more say in the home, but I have to wonder if the progressive masterminds have considered what it truly means for someone to be liberated? Like so many useful idiots they always think they will be the ones left in charge when the revolution is over, yet empowering people to think for themselves will probably produce a different result once necessity gets involved. People aren’t as stupid nor the globalists as smart as they think they are. The best is yet to come. The globalists are forcing red pills down people’s throats at an unsustainable rate, and at the rate their going there isn’t going to be many left who buy their bullshit. Then what?


  1. I had to laugh: this has become a rather “permissive purchase” environment when it comes to items which were previously questionable… Ammo, firearms, and other items which serve more of a purpose rather than a perception.

    You are right, however: this is also providing a forge for the resolve of some. At the same time, it just might serve as a catalyst for others to realize their potential role in local routines and planning. The days of fat, dumb, and oblivious were shaken up… and now, we wait to see what tomorrow brings.


      • Here’s my brutal take:
        The signs were on the wall; they HAVE been for the last decade.
        While I am very glad that there has been a sudden interest over the last 12 months or so in firearms ownership and preparedness in general, I have very little empathy for a lot of these folks for a few reasons…

        Many of these new firearms owners might have been advocates for some sort of control not too long ago. However, when they were suddenly thrust into the reality that they are the only ones truly responsible for their own safety, their minds were miraculously changed. Where they would have voted against, they now see the practicality and necessity for.

        Also, as I have written before, they get what they voted for. If they chose to blindly follow the talking heads and never thought independently, then… [shrug]. If the reality they so desired becomes an ominous reason for their motivation to pay attention *now*, then they haven’t been listening due to their own discomfort with the warnings they were given.

        There may come a time when what separates folks is how much they are able to “read the terrain” – whether it is their immediate surroundings or the larger socioeconomic/geopolitical picture. Not react to what they have been told or what they should think. I *truly* hope that such a time exists only in our darkest dreams, but that inspiration is something which distinguishes determination from desperation.

        [carefully removes the tinfoil hat and replaces the soapbox]

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      • You’re absolutely correct. An undeserved amount of trust was placed into strangers that were willing to lie for their own gain, now here we are. As fun as it is to say “I told you so” I also think everyone has to “red pill” themselves, it’s no small thing to admit to yourself that the world isn’t the way you’ve been taught your whole life. I imagine people will do it at different times, although time is getting short and the evidence large enough that if someone currently isn’t waking up I think they need to check for a heartbeat. I often think of it like being born; do you stay warm, comfortable, and controlled in the womb or choose the harsh, cold, bright outside world where you’re responsible for yourself? I too hope that the world can find some equilibrium soon. Take care!

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  2. My wife, a typical housewife I guess, shocked me last week. I decided to do a full inventory of ammo. Bored so I put it into an excel spreadsheet. Went ahead and did a few quick searches for prices and was shocked at the prices AND the UNavailability of ammo. So, now curious I went ahead and pulled up what I paid for said ammo. Put that in the spreadsheet as well.

    Holy crap! Turns out the ammo was quite the investment. More than doubled across the board. Showed the printout to the wife and asked what she thought about us selling 25% or so of it. She looked over at me, smiled and said ” I don’t think so. I think we’ll be needing these bullets pretty soon.”

    Never expected to here her say that.

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    • I think your example is perfect for what I was trying to illustrate, thank you for sharing it. I’ve heard many other examples just like this. The radical left is doing a lot of things that are forcing normal, good natured people to take notice and take appropriate action. Take care!

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  3. My best luck in getting women, and really everyone, to be interested in training is to make it a game. My girlfriend was always hesitant to train pistolcraft with me, but she always enjoyed mock sword fights with sticks. I started ramping up how often I would instigate/tease her to have more fights, and finally suggested it would be fun to learn to swordfight for real. We’re both into HEMA now, and she has on more than one occaision expressed interest in chopping some commie goon’s head off. Guess who’s getting a langseax for Valentine’s day?

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  4. I’m lucky I haven’t been questioned too much for gun builds and ammo purchases. My wife has always listened to a lot of conservative talk radio during the day, so she stays fully aware of what’s happening.

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    • That’s great, gotta keep your head on a swivel during times like these and two heads are definitely better than one. My wife stays pretty up on things as well, more than I do to be honest. People like Candace Owens and JP Sears have opened the gate to a different demographic for team liberty, which is great. Take care!

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