NCScout: The Recce Carbine: Jack Of All Trades, Master Of A Few?

A rifle along these lines should be your first stop. Lightweight, accurate and versatile, I wish this is what they were issuing when I was patrolling in Iraq.


A couple of years ago I wrote a commentary on the role of the Special Purpose Rifle, which was originally a special operations project to make a more accurate carbine than what the M4 afforded, providing ground units with precision fire capability while keeping magazines and ammunition loadouts standard across the team. My buddy and student FlyBy wrote a piece about his own experience in building a short, quick handling carbine for his uses. The logic is very simple- make use of the extended range the 5.56 in its heavier loadings can provide, giving a decisive advantage when engaging an enemy that either is not previously aware of your presence or has supporting fires, especially indirect.

The whole idea is to kill that bastard before he knows you’re there, using as few rounds as possible, and getting the hell out of there before his bastard friends kill you.

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